FREE upskill training for trained anti-bullying ambassadors_

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The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign is offering FREE Upskill Training for trained Anti-Bullying Ambassadors Schools across the UK.

These events are for both staff and students from trained Anti-Bullying Ambassador schools and will offer further development opportunities for your school and Anti-Bullying Ambassadors alike. 

Attendees will benefit from the event by achieving the following outcomes: 

  • Development of skills in conflict resolution and cyber safety.

  • Networking with other trained staff and Anti-Bullying Ambassadors to share good practice and learn how to implement new ideas in their schools.

  • Further development of Anti-Bullying Ambassadors’ confidence and public speaking skills, through the showcasing of their own work.

  • CPD certified training for staff members to develop their understanding of their responsibilities in maintaining student's safety and well-being.

When and where will the regional upskill sessions take place?

Our Summer 2019 Upskill Training events have now finished.

We are currently planning twelve Upskill events for March 2020. If you would like to attend an Upskill event, during the this academic year, please complete the form below and register your interest to host or attend. Regrettably, our funding does not cover Upskill events in Northern Ireland.

HOW DO I secure a place?

If you are a trained Anti-Bullying Ambassador school with current Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, please fill in the booking form to register your interest in attending or hosting an upcoming Regional Upskill Sessions coming up in a location close to you in 2019. 

Once you fill in the below form to book your places, we will be in touch by email to confirm whether or not your places have been confirmed on the session. Please note, your places are not confirmed until you receive email confirmation from a member of our team. Once your place is confirmed, we will send you all important information such as location and timings.

important information

Who can attend; Please note that each school is limited to bringing 15 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors to each event. We do this to ensure that as many school as possible are able to benefit from the free Upskill training. In addition, please bear in mind that this training is specifically for preexisting Anti-Bullying Ambassadors, who have already attended our first stage Anti-Bullying Ambassador training. This is because Upskill training builds on the material covered in the Anti-Bullying Ambassador training.

If you have any questions about the Upskill training we offer, please do get in touch with us at