The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador Programme and Ofsted

Under behaviour and safety, Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have been highlighted in countless Ofsted reports as a real benefit and positive attribute to the school. Watch the case study below and have a look at some of the Ofsted quotes to see the impact that the programme can have in the school on attendance, pupils' knowledge around bullying and online safety, how bullying is dealt with in the school and how students treat each other. 

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Levenshulme High School, Manchester

Levenshulme is an all-girls Secondary School in Manchester. After an Ofsted report in 2013 highlighted that there needed to be a drastic change in the school in regards to behaviour, the school signed up to the programme. In a year the school have managed to turn things around and in their most recent Ofsted report inspectors wrote that anti-bullying was now high profile in the school and students felt safe. The Ambassadors and staff have worked hard to raise issues around LGBT including holding a student debate. Every day the students start the day by saying their anti-bullying pledge to ensure they all understand the values and attitudes that are expected of them at school. Watch how the Ambassadors have helped change the culture of this school for the better in just 12 months...

St John's Catholic Primary School, Bath

“The school’s work to keep pupils safe and secure is outstanding. Pupils believe that incidents of bullying or poor behaviour are very rare in school, and they enjoy the responsibility that they have as ‘Anti-Bullying Ambassadors’. They say that the ‘pupils here are really nice’ and that ‘it’s like a family’. In addition, they told the inspectors that regular fire drills and information about how to keep safe on the internet mean that they feel very safe in school.” - Ofsted

Coombeshead Academy, Devon

“Students feel safe in school and the curriculum supports them well in learning how to stay safe. They have a good understanding of e-safety, including how to avoid unsafe websites.
 Students report that incidents of bullying, including cyber bullying, are rare and are dealt with swiftly. A group of students have trained to become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors and have recently gained the prestigious Diana Award in recognition of their work in the school. There is hardly any evidence of racial or other prejudice-based bully.” - Ofsted

Resesdale Primary School, Tyne and Wear

“Peer mentors and Anti-Bullying Ambassadors are on hand on the yard to help younger ones and pupils say ‘they look after each other’ and behaviour is well monitored by staff.
Pupils are confident that any issues concerning poor behaviour, including bullying, are dealt with quickly and effectively by the school. Pupils understand about different forms of bullying and say very little happens here.” - Ofsted

Newport High School, Newport

“Members successfully set up an effective Anti-Bullying Ambassador scheme that supports pupils well. In addition, pupils regularly contribute well to decision-making through the various student consultation groups. These groups influence the development of curriculum and teaching and learning. This ability to influence when, how and what they learn has a positive impact on aspiration and outcomes.
Care, equality, diversity and respect are promoted well in a number of ways. These include the work of the trained Anti-Bullying Ambassadors who have been particularly active in raising awareness of cyber bullying.” - Ofsted

Leeds Inspection for Looked After Children

“A full inspection of safeguarding and looked after children services in Leeds took place in December 2009 and found that the overall effectiveness of safeguarding services in Leeds was inadequate. The recent inspection found that Anti-Bullying strategies in schools are having a positive impact. For example, the Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme encourages effective participation of children and young people in Anti-Bullying strategies. The effectiveness of the work of the ambassadors is demonstrated through the Every Child Matters surveys which show that fewer children and young people in Leeds report experiences of bullying than are found in the regional and national averages. While the proportion of children in Leeds who reported feeling safe in school was in line with the average, the proportion who reported feeling safe both in the area where they live and going to and from school, was higher than average.” - Ofsted

Brewster Avenue Infant School, Peterborough

“As Anti-Bullying Ambassadors pupils are keen to support their classmates out of any spot of bother in the playground. They wear their high visibility jackets with pride and have been awarded the ‘Princess Diana Award’ for their commitment to one another. Pupils sold anti-bullying wrist band to raise money for a ‘friendship stop’ in the playground where pupils with no-one to play with can find a friend.
Pupils all get on very well together. They say there is no bullying or racism. Parents are very happy with pupils’ behaviour. They say how safe their children are at school. 
Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated.” - Ofsted