Young people spend 11,000 hours of their life at school. These hours should be fun and educational and build them into confident young people. Unfortunately for many young people this is not the reality due to the widespread problem of bulling.

Almost half of all young people report being bullied at some point during their school life and 20,000 young people truant each day as a result of bullying. We want YOU to help US change this statistic by supporting the training of young people to be Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in their schools and communities.

Together we can stamp out bullying.

Donate £5

£5 will help us give an Anti-Bullying Ambassador resources which will help them understand what to do if they, or someone else is being bullied.


Donate £25

£25 will pay for a young person to be trained as an Anti-Bullying Ambassador and receive ongoing support with their anti-bullying work.


Donate £40

£40 will help pay for resources for a school so they can kick-start their anti-bullying work.


Donate £100

£100 will help pay for one of our staff to give young people the skills, knowledge and confidence to tackle bullying.


Donate £500

Will help pay for a school to receive the Anti-Bullying Ambassador training and the skills needed to combat bullying.