Celebrate #PRIDE!

Every summer, Pride celebrations take place around the world in celebration of LGBTQ+ History Month. Pride is an opportunity for the LGBTQ+ community (including Allies – people who support them) to campaign for equality and gain recognition, but most importantly celebrate being your true self.

Therefore, pride is an opportunity for us all to show solidarity for equality regardless of our sexuality, gender or culture.

So how can we all get involved? Here are 6 simple ways:

1) Remember everyone deserves to valued regardless of their identity and make this known to people. A great way to do this is on social media! It’s super easy. We recently went rainbow - the colour scheme shown to support pride - across all of social media channels. You can also tweet, post, use filter and hashtags, use quotes, share articles and share links. The options are endless! Whatever platform you’re most fond of, be it Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter etc. you can use it to show your support in the fight for equality.

2) Get involved with great organisations that support the LGBTQ+ community: As a an organisation that believes young people are the future, one of the ways we encourage you to get involved is help support the thousands of young people who are struggling with discrimination, homelessness and negative life experiences due to their identity. LGBT youth centres are often underfunded and not adequately supported - a worrying fact considering that these centres are safe havens for many of the youths coming to terms with their LGBTQ+ identities. You can help these centres by raising awareness, donating and even volunteering. But there are many more initiatives that support the LGBTQ+ community that could use your help. If you want to support the LGBTQ+ services in your area you can find them here: http://www.stonewall.org.uk/help-advice/whats-my-area

3) Attend a Pride event! Join the days of fun, campaigning and love that are all over the country. We recently attended London Pride with all of our Anti-Bullying Pro gear in tow, to show our support.

So go along to an event; appreciate the community, the diversity and the pride! Find your nearest pride event here: http://www.prideorganisers.uk/find-a-pride

4) Wear your support! You can visit our visit our website and purchase one of our rainbow ‘Diversity’ wristbands. These show the message of self-love and acceptance loud and clear; which happen to be two very important parts of LGBTQ+ pride. “Be who you are and be who you want to be”. Furthermore, the proceeds go towards training young people to change attitudes, behaviours and cultures that threaten equality for all. http://www.antibullyingpro.com/store

5) Consider the LGBTQ+ policies in your school and work place: Make your school/work/social environment more inclusive and help advance equality in your community. Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors at Hereward College in Coventry recently approached their SLT and worked with them to create and LGBTQ+ Policy that protects all young people and staff against discrimination. Think about how you can make your community a happier place for all!

6) Lastly, simply show some and love and kindness… …To someone you know who identifies as LGBTQ+ or is struggling to accept themselves but also to all those from varying communities all the name of equality.

Visiting Helsinki with Supercell and The Diana Awards youth board

Visiting Helsinki with Supercell and The Diana Awards youth board

On the 23/03/17 I had the privilege, as well as 9 others, to travel to Helsinki in Finland. Being chosen to be part of the Supercell youth board was just out of this world, knowing that eventually something amazing will come out of this and just being able to help other people is gold in my eyes.